Cleveland Browns hosed. Latest of many horribly officiated games.

The Cleveland Browns have been rolled over by many teams. Today however it was a pack of zebras that dealt the blow. Yes haters will hate and every team has been hosed at one point or another this year. However the Browns are just,  well, brown while certain NFL darlings are golden.From those of us who follow the NFL closely all the way down to those who just catch the monday morning Sports Center to be able to keep up with the water cooler talk on the job, we’ve seen NFL bias all year. We saw Matt Ryan and Jason Campbell both take the same exact hit Drew Breeze the previous week. While the Drew Breeze was penalized and fined, Ryan’s and Campell’s were not. But of course Breeze is golden, Campbell is brown and Ryan is just a dirty bird. Earlier this year Brian Hoyer was speared  helmet to helmet while sliding….no call. But again Hoyer isn’t one of the leagues darlings. So it would seem the rules don’t apply to all players…just the ones on bad teams. But irony sucks. Its ironic that the same rules we you to protect our golden gods are exactly what caused Rob Gronkowski’s knee injury today. Was it a dirty hit? No, it was a hit to one of the only places a hit is legal. Low,  VERY low. How many times have we seen a defender aiming at a ball carriers midsection and the carrier lowers his head and bam, helmet to helmet. Unless Roger Goodell finds a way to defy the laws of physics and figure out how to stop momentum mid hits will continue to be very low.  Players will continue to be hurt. But that’s okay as long as it’s not 5 or 6 guys who wear red jerseys at practice. All that being said, it would appear the NFL  is fixing games and the officials are their instruments. Of course bad calls were made against both teams today. But we wouldn’t want the fix to be obvious would we? Never mind the no call on the head cracker that put Mcgahee out of the game. It was okay because Josh Gordon was given a catch that may not have been a catch. I thought make up calls only happened in baseball, better yet busch league soft ball. And now to the point (finally). The Cleveland Browns were hosed by way of a make up call. No not a make up call at today’s game. A series of make up calls owed to the Pats from their loss to Panthers. There was no defenseless receiver. You have to make the catch to be a defenseless receiver. No the onside kick did not go 10 yards and no Fozzy Whitaker did not touch the ball. He made it a point to jump over it. There was no DPI in the end zone. If there wad DPI it was on the 7. But if there was DPI on the 7 why didnt the official go for his flag untill after the ball hit the ground. Delayed reaction right? Void your argument now if you think the DPI was on the 7…the ball wouldn’t have been placed on the one. But why argue any of that because the onside kick was never recovered legally in the first place. But instead of rewind let me fast forward to Jordan Cameron’s last catch before Cundiff’s FG attempt. HE was a defenseless receiver who took a shot to the head. That no call sealed the Browns fate. The ball would have been moved upped 15 yards turning a 58 yarder into a 43 yarder. Game over,  Browns win. But no. No they did not. The zebras won one for the NFL. Shame on you NFL.